MUNCHOS Dog Bone, 6 Pieces (3-inch) with Beef Stick, 120 g


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  • Best thing to give your dog - the best thing you can give your dog is to provide him with a rawhide chew. Most dogs find chewing rawhide to just be plain fun. Rawhide provides stimulating activity by entertaining your dog for hours and keeping his mind alert. This is especially important for older dogs that may not be as active. Rawhide also satisfies your dog's innate urge to chew, helping you to avoid destructive chewing behaviour from both puppies and adult dogs. Rawhide bones, chips, rolls and twists help improve dental health by helping to scrape away plaque, control tartar build up and maintain gum health. This diminishes bad breath, keeps teeth whiter and reduces the risk of potentially serious dental problems. Premium buffalo rawhide is a great dental tool because, when new, it's a challenge to chew, enticing your dog to gnaw and scrape. But then it softens up so your pup is tempted to tug on it - a great trick to wipe away plaque between teeth. A long-time favourite among all dog breeds, rawhide bones are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to satisfy every chewing habit and dogs of all sizes. We at bone-sticks have gone to great lengths to ensure that our rawhide chews are the absolute best for your dog. Made from premium buffalo rawhide from corn-fed cattle, our rawhide is produced under the strictest quality standards to provide the most rawhide for your money. Compare our rawhide bones to the thin, loosely wrapped bones you will find on any retail shelf and you'll see a definite difference in quality.